Sweet treats come in many different flavors like chocolate, fruit, confections, or normal candy. If you are feeling adventurous, you can take a 50-minute drive from Faribault and sample different flavored sodas from birthday cake to mustard at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store in Jordan.

Now I knew they had candy, it kind of goes with the name Minnesota's Largest Candy Store, but I wouldn't have thought that they had such an assortment of sodas. If you search YouTube for MN Largest Candy Store Pop you'll find a bunch of people who have tasted the strange flavors and their thoughts on them, like this one.

They offer bacon, hot wing, butter, pickle and ranch dressing flavored sodas. This is on top of all of the 'normal' flavors that you and I might enjoy like root beer, cream soda, grape, cherry, and cola.

I discovered these strange flavors when I saw the candy store was in the news this weekend.

Southwest Media reported that "alcohol was believed to be a factor in the crash that resulted in a vehicle driving into Minnesota's Largest Candy Store during the early morning hours of Sunday, Aug. 11."

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