It was your typical Wednesday morning commute to work for me along Highway 21. I had gotten about halfway to work when I saw three shadows pop out from the side of the road, and then BANG. After I came to a stop I realized that I had just hit one of the three deer that jumped out in front of my car. I was lucky my airbag didn't go off as I was going about 50 (maybe 55 as I started to brake when I saw the shadows start to move) when I hit the deer. If you've got coverage your cost is limited to a certain number, but if you don't have coverage how much are you out after hitting a deer in Minnesota?

According to the Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust (MCIT) website, a car vs deer collision will run Minnesotans on average $4,880. That's pretty expensive.

When you think about all the computers, plastic, and how current cars are manufactured it's easy to see how it can all add up after a car vs deer collision. You can also see how there can be extensive damage to your vehicle, possibly an injury, from hitting a deer as the average white-tail deer "stands 6 to 7.75 feet high and weighs 110 to 300 pounds" according to research from MCIT.

I also learned from my car vs deer crash, because it was on a state highway, that under Minnesota Statute 169.09 the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in property damage of $1,000 or more must submit a written report of the accident within ten days. The written report is for road safety planning according to the Minnesota State Patrol.

Something you can do to help minimize car vs deer collisions this time of year is:

  • Be alert for deer at all times and especially during dusk and dawn and during the fall and spring.
  • Reduce speed to allow for more reaction time when spotting deer.
  • Search and scan the roadway and roadside, paying close attention to areas with deer crossing warning signs.
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