Paul was sold before I even showed him this product!

There are men who can grow facial hair no problem but it takes a while to grow a full-on mustache, and then there are the men who can't grow facial hair. In both circumstances, there could be an easy solution to getting a "nice" looking mustache in 2 seconds AND it even smells good!

I present to you...

The Bacon Scented Mustache!

Imagine Products via Amazon
Archie McPhee - Accoutrements via Amazon

For men who love bacon and can't grow facial hair, and for men who love bacon and just don't have the patience to wait long enough to grow a decent one, this is your solution!

It's cheap too! Check out the listing on Amazon HERE!

During Carly's Curious Cabinet I barely had the photo of the product turned Paul's way when he said he was already sold! Wow, that was an easy one!

Would you ever order this? It's pretty cheap so honestly, this would make a great gag gift if nothing else!


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