Below you’ll see the four most dangerous occupations in Minnesota according to the personal injury law firm, Sieben & Carey.  Open our app to chat with us and let us know what dangerous job is missing from their list.

I started thinking about this the other day after observing the crew pictured above. I watched the window cleaners from my office on a day where the wind was roaring. Now, I’m not sure what they make, but I hope it’s a lot - There’s no way I’d want to be up that high.

The obvious answer would be law enforcement, right? Police Officers and Deputies find themselves in scary situations all of the time. What about nurses? According to one study, the rates of workplace violence in the health care field are five to twelve times higher than the estimated rate for workers overall. I was surprised to see that law enforcement and nursing didn’t make the list.

Siben & Carey says, “Work-related causes of death are most often automobile-related.” The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says in 2019 there were 80 work-related deaths in Minnesota - “transportation incidents resulted in 36 fatal work injuries and falls, slips, and trips, accounted for 15 fatalities. Contact with objects and equipment was the third-most frequent fatal work event with 14 fatalities.”

The Four Deadliest Jobs in Minnesota

Below you'll see the four most dangerous occupations in Minnesota according to Did your job make the list?

Those are all jobs that are very important so props to everyone involved in those industries. If you're looking for a new job, keep scrolling to see opportunities here in Minnesota.

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