It's not surprising that menus are the dirtiest things in restaurants. reports the average restaurant menu has 185,000 bacteria!!! You have to order though so you can't really avoid the menu unless you look it up on your phone, but honestly your phone is just as dirty. You CAN avoid the second dirtiest item in restaurants.

Jonas Sickler is the director of operations at and says salt and pepper shakers are covered in germs. Sickler said, "Most salt and pepper shakers are only wiped down if they appear dirty, and even then, only with a damp cloth that bussers keep in their pockets. While some restaurants collect, refill, and wipe down shakers, they are rarely properly emptied and sanitized." ABC News found the average pepper shaker contained 11,600 bacteria. If you're concerned about those germs avoid the salt and pepper on the table and ask your server to have the chef season your food.

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