Saturday, Rochester's downtown was packed with families bundled up and lovin' on Fall Fest in the Peace Plaza! There was so much for kids...tons of crafts, a gymnastics course, an inflatable slide and bounce house, a pile o'pumpkins, a petting zoo, this AWESOME fitness area for kids, and corn kernels.

You read that right. Kernels of corn. Like popping corn. They had two wading pools with kernels of corn covering the bottom. Some kids sat in the pools, some leaned over into it. But their hands were loving every second of it! Anything with the corn? Nope. Not even scoops. Just play with the kernels in your hand, child.

I know parents joke about kids loving cardboard boxes even more than cats (and will sometimes have more fun with the box than the gift that came in the box), but kernels of corn? That's a new one on me.

Patriotic Corn Maze in Colorado
Photo by Kevin Moloney/Getty Images (click for large version)

I'm sorry I don't have a picture to phone died just before I noticed the Corn O'Riffic good times. But they were mostly toddlers and the corn must have felt great in their hands because they were all like,"Whoohoo! I'm cuttin' loose!"

I did find this Getty picture of kids playing with corn in a "corn kernel sandbox", so obviously it is a thing.

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Rochester's Fall Festival

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