I got some news on Friday that I had been hoping for, Busch Light is bringing back Busch Light Apple in July. Before you give the gag-face on apple-flavored Busch Light, I was also in that boat last summer before I gave it a try, and I was completely refreshed by it. It turned into one of those 'gotta have' beers after mowing the lawn or working outside in the summer heat.

Busch Light's announcement on Friday in a message saying it would be 'dropping' soon. Today, Busch Light, followed that up by announcing that indeed they were going to be actually dropping Busch Light apple, from a helicopter, as a form of a contest for the brand. While that's cute, I'm more interested when they will be rolling into coolers near me.

Busch Light's website states that the beer is described as

A crisp, refreshing, apple-flavored lager with a touch of sweet on the front end and a clear, beer finish on the back end.

Which I would have to agree with after finally getting my hands on some last year.

Around the area, many liquor stores had a hard time keeping the beer stocked as it seemed as soon as a truck would unload a pallet of 'nectar' in the cooler it would march out the front door.

Surprisingly enough Busch Light Apple is only available in 37 states nationwide, with notable excluded states being:

  • California
  • Arizona
  • Nevada

You can learn more about the helicopter apple drop and where the apple-flavored Busch Light is available by heading to their website, here. 

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