I absolutely love my hair stylist. She's funny, she's super talented, and...sadly, I'm worried about her. She tans alllll the time and I know too many people who ended up with skin cancer after tanning all the time. Back when I worked with Tracy McCray, she'd always say (well, shout, really),


Which I'd follow up with, "and NOBODY wants a melanoma Monday!"

Woman with sunburn - Isolated
Amy Walters

Which is true....most of the time....except for Monday the 7th because Monday, May 7th is literally  National Melanoma Monday! So, this weekend, stock up on sunblock, sunglasses, and everything else you'll need to be safe from skin cancer this summer. 

How can you prevent skin cancer? Here are four ways from Mayo Clinic

  1. Avoid the sun during the middle of the day.
  2. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15sunscreen year-round.
  3. Wear protective clothing and UVA and UVB blocking sunglasses.
  4. Avoid tanning lamps and beds.

Download a handy-dandy poster (from the American Academy of Dermatology) to amaze your friends and co-workers here.

Worried you may already have a melanoma? Mayo made this great 'how to check for melanoma" video.


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