There aren't tons of drive-in movie theaters left in the country, to my knowledge, and there are only 6 left in Minnesota. According to, Minnesota used to have around 80 drive-in theaters in the '50s! Unfortunately, most of those drive-ins are a decent drive north for us. But fortunately, there are two drive-in theaters left in Southern Minnesota for us to check out this summer.

One of these drive-in theaters is in Elko New Market and t's called the Elko Drive-In Theater at Elko Speedway. Tonight, Friday, June 12th, they'll be showing 'Trolls World Tour' and tomorrow night, Saturday, June 13th, they'll be showing 'The Call of the Wild'. Gates open at 8 PM both days and the movie starts after sunset. I'm not sure what the other upcoming showings are but it's possible that they'll show the same movies next weekend. You'll have to check back at their website to get the latest. Tickets are $10 for anyone 13+, $5 for kids 4-12, and kids 3 and under are free.

The other drive-in in Southern Minnesota is on the far west side of the state in Luverne called the Verne Drive-In Theater. They show two movies every night! Right now, they're showing 'Call of the Wild' and 'Onward'. They don't say which one is playing first but my guess is 'Onward' will be played first so families who don't want to watch 'Call of the Wild' can go home and get the kids in bed. Gates open a half hour before showtime Monday through Thursday, Fridays they open at 7:30 PM, and Saturdays they open one hour before showtime. Showtime is after sunset. Tickets are just $5 for ages 6+.

BONUS DRIVE-IN THEATER! There's another drive-in theater that's not technically in Southern Minnesota but it's not the furthest drive ever, and that's the Vali-Hi Drive-In Theater in Lake Elmo. They're also open every night and are showing the same movies as the Verne Drive-In Theater, 'Onward' will be played first and 'The Call of the Wild' will be played second. Gates open at 6 PM Friday and Saturday, 7 PM on Sundays, and 7:30 PM on Monday through Thursday. And, as usual, the movie starts after sunset. Tickets are $10 per person, kids 6-12 are $1, and kids 5 and under are free.

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