Things are just better on a stick. They just are. The television network Food Network has learned all about how good things can be if they are served on a stick. They recently put out their list Best Food On A Stick, and the Minnesota State Fair has 3 of the 16 spots on their list. We're not quite sure how the list was made, as one could say that all 16 spots should have been filled. 

The first item on their list was the Tatortot hotdish on a stick. The network summarized the dish as:

"The ideal combination of Americana and Scandinavia, the deep-fried casserole from Ole and Lena’s is well on its way to becoming a Minnesota State Fair icon (which is impressive at a fair hailed for its bizarre foods). To create the dish, the team skewers Swedish meatballs and tater tots, then dips them into corn dog batter before a dunk in the deep fryer. A side of mushroom hamburger sauce makes for the creamy casserole-style dip that’s truly Minnesotan."

I've never had it, but it sounds pretty good! The second of the three entries onto the Food Network list was the Giant Egg Rolls from Que Viet Concessions. Food Network's description hit the nail on the head here, these things are MASSIVE!

"How do you stand out at Minnesota's indulgent state fairs and festivals, alongside deep-fried, corned beef-stuffed tater tots, pepperoni chips paired with roasted red pepper queso, and barbecued banana splits? You take a cue from Que Viet Concessions, an offshoot of the Minneapolis restaurant Que Viet Village House, which has gained infamy with egg rolls bigger than a baby's head, just barely held aloft on wooden sticks."

The final item on a stick to be featured on the list from the Great Minnesota Get-Together is probably one of the oddest at least in terms of health, but who cares you're at the State Fair,  is the Fried Fruit on a Stick, from the Fried Fruit and Fried Olives, stand.

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