As the summer has officially turned to fall according to both the calendar and mother nature, golf courses across Minnesota will be getting ready to start to wind down for the winter months. While the weather is still nice, you might want to head on out to Saint Paul and check out one particular golf course, Highland National Golf Course, for a feature that will surely put a smile on your face.

Highland National Golf Course, has made two sand traps on its course into the shape of none other than Charles Schulz's own Snoopy. You can see it from the 15th tee box on the gold course, but seeing it from above really gives you a feel for how perfectly that the course made their two sand traps in order to create Charlie Brown's beloved canine.

Image Credit Google Maps
Image Credit Google Maps

When Charles Schultz passed away the golf course sought permission from his estate in order to him homage, as Schultz grew up in the Saint Paul’s Mac-Groveland neighborhood and learned to play golf at the course.

"Highland's signature hole, the 15th, features a large "Snoopy" shaped bunker constructed with the permission of Mrs. Jean Schulz in honor of her late husband, Charles Schulz, who learned to play golf here." - Highland National Golf Course Website

So the next time you are looking for a new course to play, maybe head north and give Highland National a try, if not for the golf, but for the opportunity to get a sandy Snoopy selfie.

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