When Minnesotans want to get away for the winter they must like dry heat over high humidity. According to Minnesota Public Radio, Arizona is tops when it comes to where snowbirds flock when the temperatures drop. 

The state of Arizona has drawn more than 25,000 Minnesotans age 50 and over in the past decade, when MPR looked at census data, far more than any other state. Florida was No. 2, Wisconsin, Texas, and California round out the top five.

25,000 is a pretty small number of Minnesota's total 50-and-older crowd. Believe it or not, a majority of us stay right here, though plenty of others head south for short vacations or second homes. Less than 1 percent of retirees actually move their primary residence out of state each year, according to state officials.

The fate of snowbirds often gets brought up in a debate over tax policy. Low-tax proponents argue that the state is driving away taxpayers to states with low-income taxes, or none at all. In reality, only two of the top-5 state's have no state income tax, Florida and Texas.

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