Packages are going to start arriving soon (if they haven't already), how do you keep 'em safe from the modern scourge of the Christmas Season, the Porch Pirate? Follow the steps of  Capt. Scott Behrens.

1) Track Your Packages

According to the captain, no matter where it's coming from, what company or town, get a tracking number and pay attention to the trip.

2) Neighbors and our Workplace Are Our Secret Weapons

Do you have a good relationship with one of your neighbors that's home all day? Maybe they'll let you send packages there. Or if it's cool with the boss, send 'em to work.

3) Security Cameras

wooden puppet and inerphone with camera - concept security
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The prices range from $50 to over $400...but they're pretty great even when it isn't package time. Some you buy storage on the cloud, others have cards with a bunch o'gig to record the videos.

If the criminal doesn't see the doorbell camera, then you can catch 'em later because you can see who it is. If they do see the camera, they're likely to give the house (and maybe the neighborhood) a skip because they don't want to get caught.

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