It has been yet another frustrating year to be a Vikings fan with yet another loss last night to the Seahawks. Fans take out their frustration in different ways. Maybe they go out for drinks after the game to try and forget about what just happened, others might threaten to become a fan of a different team, and others list the Vikings stadium for sale on Craigslist.

Yeah, that last one is 100% true, check it out HERE!

I'm waiting for it to get taken down but so far so good the last I checked!

Here's what the listing says:

For Sale: Lightly used $1,000,000,000 stadium. Occupant has been a team that only has success in breaking the hearts of the fans. Long history of collecting talent with no ideas on how to use them.

Included: $84 million QB who can't win against teams with winning records, and has is 0-7 on MNF. A league record!

All reasonable offers considered. Will even entertain ideas to convert to a homeless shelter, as there is a greater chance of one of those folk becoming a success.

Oof, someone's upset! Can you really blame them though... I support the idea of it becoming a homeless shelter, I think that's a great idea!


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