Normally when I talk to Al Piterelli, we are discussing TSO doing a Minneapolis show for Christmas, this year it's virtual.

How do you get tickets to the show? Skip the story below and follow the link, but this is a good story.

Al Piterelli is the guitarist and music director for the band. When I talked to him he said this is one of the traditions his whole family, band, staff, and fans do every year. He said after 21 years, they have never canceled the Christmas show. He said it was hard to hear that he was going to have to stay home, but just as everyone was going to hang it up, they came up with the idea to go virtual.

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Here's why it was a good idea. The band can socially distance, there will not be an audience, and everyone has a good seat, they can drink what they want, and eat what they want. Best of all, they can wear what they want. Plus, the cameras give you a bird's eye view. Everyone is in the front row.

The first question I asked him was how did you conduct practices? Al Pitterelli said it was all online. The nice part is everyone can stay home and do their job and practice. Al said it was good for morale because no one was worried about wearing masks, being too close, making travel arrangements, or having to load their instrument to travel.

Here are the details, Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be live streaming "Christmas Eve and Other Stories!", and everyone that has a ticket will be watching up close and personal. The concert is Friday, December 18th at 7 pm central standard time. It's a 90-minute show and tickets are on sale now.



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