A Twin Cities-based brewery announced on social media yesterday that they would be closing for good at midnight on October 30. The brewery, Stacked Deck Brewing, cited in the post that 'hardships' over the past year were part of the reason the business was closing its doors.

Friends, it's with great regret that we share this terrible news: we will be closing our doors for the last time at midnight on October 30th. The saga that landed us in this unfortunate position is long and winding and of soap opera proportions. We'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say, the hardships we have endured over the past year have gone beyond the capabilities of a small brewery like ours.

But let’s not dwell on things beyond our control. We have 8 more days to celebrate our nearly three-year beer journey with you, our amazing patrons, and our unbelievably awesome staff. You all have truly made this place what it is, and we can't thank you enough for your support. We have a few more fun tricks up our sleeves over the coming week, including a big ol' going away shindig on the 30th, so stay tuned for details. The beer will continue flowing in the taproom in the meantime, so head on down and raise one last glass with us!

Stacked Deck opened its doors in 2018 and will close them for good just short of 3 years in business.

Stacked Deck is just another Minnesota business that has closed its doors over the last year and a half during the COVID-19 pandemic, although that was not indicated as a factor in the announcement yesterday.

Stacked Deck is located on Cedar in downtown St. Paul in the same building as the Minnesota Wild practice facility, TRIA Rink at the Treasure Island Center.

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