I get three or four every day...and I just want to make them stop. It's hard, it takes dedication but it can be done. Watch the video tutorial and you'll see how two clicks will make you smile!

What amazes me most about these SPAM accounts is how obvious they are. Almost always a woman. Cleavage, a bra, sports bra, giggling with girlfriends on a bed. I'm amazed they work at all. But they do!

How do I know they work? Because: Mark. Mark is one of my Facebook friends. We went to high school together and this dude accepts every friend request from a profile with a sexy picture. Then, when it turns out to be a fake account, he's mad, posts about it, and the cycle repeats. ALL THE TIME.

Mark isn't the only one. And sometimes it is legit hard to tell the real from the fake, like when they copy a friend's account and you think, "Did I unfriend them?" and then click ACCEPT! Boom, snagged. But that's way different than the good-looking man or woman, being all sexified fake account. Watch the video, you'll see what I mean.

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