Uber is an extremely useful service! Whether you need to get to the airport or your car broke down and you need to stock up on groceries. I've used Uber to get to sporting events when I didn't want to deal with finding a parking spot! Well, Uber just got even better (if that was even possible). The ride sharing company announced on Thursday that they will be gradually introducing a service called Uber Health. Uber Health will partner Uber and health care organizations to allow Uber drivers to bring you to and from doctors appointments, surgeries, physical therapy appointments, and any other health related appointment you may have. If you're worried about your privacy when it comes to Uber suddenly becoming involved in the health care industry, they will be following the federal HIPAA law. Drivers will not know if they are picking someone up who is using Uber Health or if they are picking up someone using the app for everyday reasons. All the drivers will know is your name, where to pick you up, and where to drop you off. Don't have a smart phone? No worries! You set up your ride with Uber Health through your participating health care provider. The general manager of Uber Health, Chris Weber, does emphasize that if you are having a medical emergency Uber Health is not a replacement for an ambulance!

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