Saint Patrick's Day is tomorrow and plenty of businesses are preparing to go 'green' at least for the night and maybe into the weekend. There are plenty of local businesses that will also be offering specials on beer, or what we think of as traditional Irish food/fare. One local restaurant/brewery's menu for Saint Patrick's day suffered from an unfortunate flip flop of words that will make you double-take as to what you just read while making the inner 13 year old in you laugh, or at least I did.

Tanzenwald in Northfield does a great job with their food and beer combinations, I've never had a bad experience when I've gone for a beer, or to grab something to eat. But That first special made me double-take, then double over in laughter.

I would think that the words "deep" and "fried" should go before the words "Reuben" and "balls" rather than after.  Maybe it was intentional to make people look twice?

Either way, Tanzenwald in Northfield looks like they will have some Irish food/fare for those looking to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow night.

Some other local places that are celebrating Saint Patrick's Day with some specials are:

If you know of some other Saint Patrick's Day specials for area restaurants or bars leave them in the comment section for others to find out about!

As always, if you are heading out to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day do so responsibly and find a sober ride home, area law enforcement will have increased DWI patrols out through the weekend, don't become a statistic.

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