Business Insider has put together the list that everyone needs:

The most exciting and most boring places to live in each state!

But they didn't want to base it on people's opinions. No, they wanted to use some cold hard facts!

So the way they determined how exciting or boring a city is, was based on the number of 66 different types of businesses that make a city "interesting." Examples of these types of businesses include breweries, art dealers, and museums.

The list of cities is broken down by the 381 Metropolitan Statistical Areas recognized by the federal government. Some metro areas span over two states (like New York City, NY / Jersey City and Newark, NJ). Some states don't have at least two metro areas, so they were not included in the list. Those states are Rhode Island and Vermont.

And now,

The most exciting city in Minnesota?


The most boring?



Poor Mankato...

Check out the full list of the most exciting and most boring city in each state here.


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