A person's last name is their identity. It show's people more than who you are related to. So what is the most common last name in Rice County? I took a quick poll around the studios and the last name Bauer was a popular pick amongst the staff. So was Bauer the top name?

Looking up popular last names was tough than I gave it credit for. It took a little work, and I found the website forbears.io which has a very large database that you can search by state and county.

The most common surname in the state of Minnesota is Johnson, and that is no different in Rice County! According to the website forbears.io the top-10 last names in Rice County are:

1Johnson7261: 90
2Anderson4381: 149
3Nelson4231: 154
4Malecha3721: 175
5Peterson3321: 196
6Miller3111: 209
7Olson3011: 216
8Bauer2931: 222
9Smith2651: 245
10Larson2471: 263

But we aren't done yet, I even went one step further and found the top-5 last names for Faribault:

1Johnson2871: 97
2Bauer2071: 134
3Anderson1621: 171
4Caron1541: 180
5Nelson1411: 197

You can click on the last names and find out more about the meaning behind the names.

So did your last name make the list?

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