It's one of those State Fair traditions that go along with the 'Big Slide', deep-fried candy bars, and Pronto Pups. The Corn Roast stand at the Minnesota State Fair always has a crowd clamoring for an ear of roasted corn and then buttered of course. But unfamiliar fair-goers might not realize that the owner behind the stand, Brad Ribar, has rebuilt and it's bigger than before.  

Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine did an article about the new Corn Roast stand, and Ribar told the author that the project was "a million-dollar renovation" which added "23 more feet of counter-space", which will now have "46 running feet of counter space." To which Ribar hopes will create shorter lines for those clamoring for some Minnesota sweet corn.

You can see the new stand being built in just 30 seconds thanks to the construction company behind the project Langer Construction.

Brad Ribar's family has been roasting up corn since 1985, and that's not all the family is into at the fair. Brad's son Matt runs the Poutine stand at the fair along with his wife Erin. You might have tried some of the Poutine as they come down to the Steele County Free Fair each year.

The fair is already open, and you know someone is already thinking about that roasted corn.

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