You might remember those kids a few years ago who made a giant snow sculpture in their yard...I think it was a turtle...anyway they are back at it again this year and the sculpture is already HUGE! The Bartz Brothers of New Brighton are working on a whale in their parents' front yard, and they have started sharing pictures of the creation process. 

Image Credit: bartzsnowsculptures via Facebook
Image Credit: bartzsnowsculptures via Facebook

Yesterday the brothers went live on Facebook to show off their creation in all of its mammoth-sized glory.

This is a serious business for the boys. They 'harvest' snow from an area pond as it has the right consistency in order to shape their masterpieces.

After scrolling through their Facebook page I found out they use plywood to basically frame up their massive pile of snow in order for it to harden enough to mold.

Last year the Bartz brothers, Austin, Trevor & Connor, used their sculpture to help fundraise for clean water in other countries and they raised $30,824.62 that went to Vietnam and Nicaragua.

You can check out the finished sculpture at 2777 16th St NW, New Brighton, MN 55112.

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