If the film 'Cool Runnings' taught me anything it's that in the Olympics anything can and will happen. Earlier today something historical happened that now has me rooting for Nigeria's two woman bobsled team, one reason is the fact I went to the same high school as one of the women. In the two-women bobsleigh event, Nigeria’s Seun Adigun and Akuoma Omeoga became the first bobsled team to represent an African nation

Akuoma Omeoga is a St. Paul native, and a fellow graduate of Irondale High School. Never in all of my life would I even think to that someone from my high school would be competing in the Olympics. I should clarify that I didn't attend Irondale at the same time as Akuoma, but I did graduate with one of her older sisters.

It's pretty cool to think someone from your hometown is competing on an international level, for a country that doesn't get snow, in a sport that hurls your down a frozen slope at speeds approaching 70mph.

In case you were wondering what the role the 25 year old Omeoga has, she serves as the brakeman on the two-woman team. You can follow how the team did here!

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