Minnesotans are roasting the can design for its glaring inaccuracies.

In early January, Busch Beer launched its limited-edition can design for Busch Light Snow Day. The can features a fairly common Minnesota winter scene -- anglers ice fishing on a frozen lake.

While the scene isn't necessarily supposed to be set in or implied to be Minnesota, Minnesotans familiar with ice fishing have been quick to mock some of the scene's more glaring discrepancies. "Anyone else see the problem with this picture?" asked Reddit user u/DutchVanDutch, setting off a firestorm of snarky replies online.

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"Fisherman is using a open water pole. No one is blatantly drinking. They're actually catching fish. There are mountains in the background?" listed off Redditor Bovronius.

"Trees grow in ice," joked another, referring to the pine trees seemingly growing out of the same ice the shanties are placed on.

"There are trees growing on the lake ice," seconded another.

"Waders, open water rod, mountains, a tad bit more," listed off Dazedlogicanimates.

"They took some clip art of a dude Summer fishing in a river," cracked another, also referring to the angler's waders.

"No one ice fishes with a summer fishing pole!" noted one Redditor.

"Fish houses clearly don’t have the proper identification: MN DNR number or name and address in two inch high letters," joked CyrogenicFishSlayer. "Call up the conservation officer!"

"Ya got 3 people fishin the same hole," observed one.

"He's not wearing shorts?" cracked Pirate-Andy.

Some in the Reddit post's comment section have incorrectly attributed the inaccurate can design to Duluth's Wild State Cider. The design, however, can be found on the new Busch Light limited edition can.

See the full comment thread on Reddit here.

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