Growing up I loved sneakers, so much that at one point I ended up with 20-25 pairs. One of the pairs that I had to get was the classic black and white checkered Vans slip-ons. You know the ones I'm talking about, if not this might refresh your memory. Well, now online there is a #vanschallenge taking place where, like a cat, the shoes always seem to land on their feet. 

Today, Twitter user @Ibelievthehype shared a video on Twitter saying "Did you know it doesn't matter how you throw your Vans they will land facing up," a challenge was born. He showed a pair of Vans sneakers flipping into the air and then landing sole-side down. Don't take my words for it, here are some videos of people taking the #vanschallenge.

Not all of the online videos showed the shoes landing on the soles. Off brands and non-Off-The-Wall branded shoes just kinda landed however and where ever the person threw them.

I can think of no better way than to introduce your kids or grandkids to the world of awesome shoes combined with "science." Plus now that you've gotten your Eddie Van Halen shoes, you've got some expendable ones to throw.

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