More and more states every election cycle are legalizing recreational marijuana. Yesterday, New Jersey and Arizona both legalized it, joining Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Michigan, Massachusetts and Maine.

Florida Attorney General Candidate Leads Pro Marijuana Rally
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What surprised me is, even South Dakota voted to legalize it, with 53% of the vote. Now, South Dakota has been one of the toughest states as far as marijuana goes. I don't even think you could get CBD products there. They also passed medical marijuana yesterday with 63% of vote.

So, what's Minnesota's problem? Why was an initiative not even on the ballot?  For years, I've heard talk of putting it up for a vote but nothing seems to come of it.

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In times of budget shortages, you'd think legalized and taxed marijuana would be a big monetary boost to the states budget. And really, what's the big deal?  Marijuana use has killed roughly the same amount of people as rabid unicorns.

There is always the argument, I heard recently, that "people would be walking around stoned all day".  Just like alcohol, there will always be a very few that will use it in a less than responsible way. Most adults would treat it much like alcohol is.

It just makes sense to legalize it for recreational use and tax it to bring in much needed state revenue. It's just a plant with many health benefits and if treated like alcohol and sold only to adults over 21, what's the harm?  Come on, Minnesota!

I'd love to get your opinion on this issue.

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