For some reason, Minnesota's neighbors are doing a lot of drinking. A recent study has shown that nine of the top 10 cities that have the most excessive drinking are in North Dakota and Wisconsin.

What is happening in Wisconsin and North Dakota that sends them to the bottle so often? Could it be the unbearable winters we have here in the Midwest? Is there really nothing else to do? Maybe it has something to do with their football team? Well, actually, that last part might be true. It is Wisconsin, after all.

The study published by the USA Today ranked the Top 20 drunkest cities in the U.S. That list included all of these Wisconsin cities in the Top 10; Green Bay, Eau Claire, Appleton, Madison, Oshkosh, Wausau and La Crosse. Don't forget that Fargo and Grand Forks in North Dakota also were ranked in the Top 10.

Mankato was the only Minnesota city in the Top 20, it came in at number 11.

Also, a non-related correlation...I think. Five of the Wisconsin cities in the Top 10 host teams in the Northwoods League, which so happens to be the same league the Rochester Honkers are in. Maybe their amateur baseball teams have something to do with it.

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