Your face could be your ticket into places like the Mayo Civic Center if The Evil and Overcharging Ticketmaster (their official name) follows thru on their facial recognition ticket system. Some people are saying it would be awesome, but I see it as trouble a-brewing for local venues and ticket-buyers.

First, places like the Mayo Civic Center would have to get all a new surveillance setup. That costs money. But even worse is a point The Verge makes...

And on perhaps an even worse note, it means that Ticketmaster — a company everyone hates more with each new convenience fee tacked onto their bill — would need to develop a database of all its concertgoers’ faces, which a lot of people aren’t going to be comfortable with.

Exactly...I am not interested in having TM have my face on file. WIth the number of data breaches we read about, there's a good chance it'll end up in the wrong hands. For me, a real public guy, maybe that's not such a big deal, but for someone else, someone in witness protection, or hiding from an abusive person, it can literally spell murder.

Its just talk for now, but I hope it doesn't happen. Ticket master would make it the only way to get tickets, then add a fee for having a face.

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