There's a good chance you were a freshman in high school when these things were last huge. HUGE! But by 2010, Sony stopped making 'em, and we all thought they were gone forever. Nope! At Target I found out someone's still making them. The cassette Walkman!

cassette player

I posted this picture over the weekend, and most Southeast Minnesota parents agreed, their kids would have NO idea what it was or what it was for.

But that could all change! If records could come back, and they have (even Rochester has a new record store), why not cassettes? Sure they jammed constantly, your car's tape-deck was regularly eating your favorite cassettes. BUT, there's one area technology hasn't improved upon cassettes.

The Mix Tape. 

Sure, you can make a mix-CD or a playlist...and that's fine. But it takes almost no time to make either one of those, just click, drag, done. So how much love are you really showing with 'em?

Craig Pitman

With a mix-tape, you had to sit down, make a list, think about it for a while, make changes, figure out the timing of each song, and finally, grab the best blank cassette you could find or buy and get working on it.

And that's not even considering where you get the songs, radio, another cassette...and if you screw up? You have to start that song again. When it's all done, you take a lot of fo care labeling it. "Mix of Love Sept 1991" or "Road Trip: Dance"...and finally, you listen to it.

....annnnnd Donna Lewis "I Love You Always Forever" is cut off. GAH! But, it was just the last song on the tape, so you just need to find another, shorter love song to end with. But that song was perfect! Maybe if you just try to fade it out early...

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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