I know October seems far away, but you may want to evaluate your options when it comes to renewing your Minnesota driver's license now.

To get you up to speed, the REAL ID Act has slowly been taking effect in different states. Minnesota has a current deadline for compliance of October 10th, 2018. After this date Minnesota driver's licenses will not get you on a domestic flight, let alone through TSA. A passport, a REAL ID, or an enhanced driver's license, however, will get you to your destination!

What is a REAL ID and enhanced driver's license?

A REAL ID will get you onto planes and into federal installations. You can't get a REAL ID until October though, and you also can't pre-order them.

An enhanced driver's license, however, is available right now. It does the same thing that REAL IDs do but it also allows you to cross into Canada, Mexico, and some Caribbean nations, kind of like a passport. Enhanced driver's licenses are the only option of the two that can be used to drive and will be what will replace your current driver's license.

You can get one of these enhanced driver's licenses before your current one expires if you would like! Sadly, these fancy new IDs do come at a little extra cost to you.

If you have questions about any of this make sure to contact the DMV. You can also read these frequently asked questions about REAL IDs that was posted by Homeland Security or check out this article from the Pioneer Press. And if you don't plan on flying anywhere, don't worry about it! You can continue to use your old driver's license to drive after October 10th. Up until it expires of course.

*Something to note: there is a possibility that this date will be extended, possibly to 2020, but for now October 10th is the date to remember.

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