As I kid many of us used to get excited when school was closed due to weather.  I went to school in Minneapolis where when I was going to private school, it was never closed due to weather. It was only when I went to high school in Fridley where I got to experience those days off due to weather. But did you notice as we grew up and became parents we dreaded any days the school was closed. It always seemed like they added more holidays for our kids than we had.  We either dreaded it because if we worked from home or were home during the day we were going to miss the quiet time. Or some people had to fid a sitter if both parents worked.

When the weather gets like it is going to be Monday though..I agree with Govenor Dayton on Closing the schools. Those buses were not always that warm, and not always on time when it was cold.  So stock up on hot chocolate, and bunker in for some quality kid time on Monday.