It's Music Monday! Every week I feature a song I'm currently listening to. This week's song was inspired by a converstion here at our studios last week. I thought everyone had seen this awesome video, but learning that is not the case, I've decided to share it!

01/20/14: This week's featured Music Monday song is "Here it Goes Again" by the band OK GO. "Here it Goes Again" is on the the "Oh No" album, and along with several other awards, the video won a Grammy in 2007 for Best Music Video, and the song hit #17 on the Billboard Alternative charts. The video is just awesome and requires far more balance and grace then I posess. And notice how it's not sliced together at all- that's all one continuous stream! I wonder how many times it took to get it right? If you like this song, check out "Nedding/Getting", and "White Knuckles" both also by OK GO.