Throughout history, people have been desperately pursuing weight loss. In the eagerness for fast results, we have gotten creative with our nutrition. This morning on the Power 96 Morning Show the idea of tea as a diet trend came up. It got me wondering about what other "strange" or "non-exercise" diets have been made popular over the years. Here are a few that I found online.

The Avoiding Swamps Diet

Ever feel heavier near a swamp? Yes people claim to feel heavier near a swamp! Way back in the year 1727, Thomas Short observed that fat people lived near swamps. He wrote a book that was titled The Causes and Effects of Corpulence. The only logical weight loss tip he could deduce: Move away from the swap.

The Tapeworm Diet

Why waste your time and money on healthy meals when you can put a parasite into your body? At the turn of the 20th century, tapeworms were sold in pill form for diet purposes: Eat more and lose weight.

When the baby encapsulated tapeworms grew larger they started causing the hosts to have seizures, meningitis or dementia. The U.S. government stepped in and outlawed their sale. Other side effects included cysts on the brain, eyes, and spinal cord.

The Slimming Soap Diet

Back in the 1930s, if you couldn't melt your fat, you could always wash it away with soap products like "Fat-O-NO," and "Fatoff". Scrub hard, because they turned out to be hand soaps. (maybe that's how they came up with the phrase "taken to the cleaners")

The Drinking Man's Diet

Here is a diet that sounds heavenly! Have a steak and wash it down with some hard alcohol! Alcohol is required at every meal and no restrictions on gin and vodka. Robert Cameron sold this diet pamphlet in the 1960s, priced at $1. Within two years he'd sold more than 2 million copies, which made it a best seller.

Cameron's work is known as the first of low-carbohydrate diets, even though the Harvard School of Public Health declared it unhealthful. You can now buy a Kindle edition for $3.99.

That cleansing tea diet doesn't sound so bad when we compare that to the tapeworm diet...yuck!

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