When you live in Rochester and talk to someone from outside the state, I’m sure this has happened to you more than once:

“Where are you from?”


“Huh! You don’t seem like you’re from New York!”

Unfortunately, this probably happens to many Minnesotans. That’s because there are dozens of towns that have the same names as other cities throughout the United States. But what if we decided to change that by making our town names WAY cooler?

Austin, Minnesota

I think it’s safe to say that Texas has this name on lockdown. Being that the Minnesota Austin is famous for being the home of Hormel Foods, coming up with a new name shouldn’t be too hard. Some have called Austin “SPAM Town USA,” but I think SPAMtropolis is the clear decision.

Rochester, Minnesota

While I hate conceding to East Coasters, “Med City, Minnesota” does have a nice ring to it. But we all know that Rochester has something else going for it that isn’t related to being a medical hub. That’s why I think its name should be changed to Goosepoopalis instead. Just say that out loud. It’s fun, right?

Eyota, Minnesota

Eyota is definitely a unique name, but how cool would it be if this town was renamed to Yoda, Minnesota? Sorry, sorry. Cool this town would be if Yoda were it renamed?

Houston, Minnesota

What’s with all these Texan names? Let’s confuse everyone and rename this town to Texas, Minnesota. That’ll show ‘em.

Zumbrota, Minnesota

Don't lie, people who live in Zumbrota. You know that you really wish you lived in Zombie, Minnesota. Think of the pub crawls!

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