Minnesota tends to have a lot of bugs that like to take over: box elder bugs, mosquitoes, Asian lady beetles, emerald ash borers, the list goes on. But trust me, none of them compare to this stinky bug that is expected to invade Minnesota. Please welcome...

the brown marmorated stink bug!


Just the name makes me hate them. These stink bugs eat their way across farm fields, vineyards, orchards, and gardens. But one of the worst parts is that in the winter they like to live in your home by the hundreds to stay warm. EW.

Good news! They don't bite. But they 100% live up their name, because when you try to kill these bugs they release a smell so, so, so disgusting. If you've ever smelled your teenager's gym socks or have smelled rotten eggs before, that's pretty comparable.

Angie Ambourn, entomologist and invasive species expert for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture states that these stink bugs have probably been in "Minnesota since 2010 around the Twin Cities." But now they're getting more reports of nymphs and adults which means we are probably on the brink of a stink bug outbreak.

So grab your nose plugs, you're gonna need them!


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