We are in the dead of winter right now in Minnesota, and far from the warm fun that summer brings. I've been thinking a lot about how much I miss it lately, and I know I'm not the only one. I had a friend share something heartbreaking on Facebook the other day. It said:

5 things that annoy me:

1. Today isn't summer

2. Tomorrow will not be summer

3. Not in three days

4. Not next week

5. Not next month

It's true, and it's painful to think about. When it comes to winter, I'm a self-proclaimed "inside kid". There isn't any outdoor activity that I latch onto in the winter. I'll go outside and find ways to have fun, but the warm months are what I truly live for. The warm fresh air, the fun events, time at the lake, sunshine, I miss summer so much.

Here are the things that Minnesotans and myself are missing most about the best time of the year in our great state.

7 Things Minnesotans Miss Most About Summer in the Dead of Winter

What are you missing most about summer in Minnesota? Go ahead and share it with us on our mobile app.

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