Nothing is much more Minnesotan than a hotdish taste testing contest. And that's exactly what happened in Washington D.C. Wednesday, at the eighth annual Minnesota Congressional Delegation Hotdish Competition!

I can't believe I have never heard of this before. This is so Minnesotan I'm not sure I can handle it!

At this competition, everyone does a blind taste test of each hotdish, but what really matters are the opinions of four judges who get the final say in who has the best hotdish.

It got down to the wire when Reps. Tom Emmer and Rick Nolan tied for first! I guess that's only the second time a tie has ever happened.

They had to taste the final two again so the tie could be broken.

In the end, Rep. Emmer won!

The name of his hotdish? The "Hotdish of Champions." A very fitting name in my opinion!

Sen. Tina Smith Tweeted about her first Hotdish Competition:

Check out Rep. Emmer's hotdish recipe here!

I might need to make his recipe this weekend, it sounds delicious!


Sources: Kare 11, WCCO, Fox 9

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