Another day another fast-food giveaway. Wendy's announced that it was giving away four-piece chicken nuggets and now Burger King is offering up a free Whopper simply by scanning a code when you see it playing on TV. Not too hard right? 

With the warmer weather I haven't been watching much television as there is just SO much to get done outside, and who wants to sit all day. Burger King is making watching TV a little more interesting with a 15-second commercial with no music behind it. It's some ambient noise with a countdown followed by a bouncing around QR Code that you have to scan to 'get' your free Whopper. The commercial will look like this

If you scanned the code from the above commercial you won't get a whopper, you'll have to catch it on your television screen. Also in order to get your FREE Whopper, you will have to have the BK app and make a 'qualifying purchase', and you must redeem the free Whopper according to "via a non-delivery order on the BK app."

Don't expect to see this commercial a bunch of times as the King is limiting the giveaway to just 10,000 burgers. Good luck, and happy Whopper hunting.

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