It's now a one-stop shop. That's what Cash Wise Store Director Keith Ramm said after cutting the ribbon on the new fuel station in the same parking lot as Cash Wise Foods and Liquor in Owatonna. The Ambassadors of the Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism welcomed the newly expanded business on Thursday.

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"This fuel station is going to be a great win for our store," said Ramm, through his Cash Wise Foods face mask after a plaque presentation led by Ambassador Wayne Starman. Ramm began, "This project when it started going, I had a hard time feeding the team that they were going to start it....When they started digging how fast it went."

Some heavy rain during the construction phase left a big pond at times. Ramm joked that he thought he saw a fisherman on it. The fuel station will be available 24 hours a day. Ramm added, "Our gas center has seven different grades of fuel in here. No other gas station in town has all seven." He said the pumps are connected to the customer service desk if a question or issue comes up.

Ramm said customers have had to drive across town to take advantage of the More Rewards program that Cash Wise offers. "We're going to have some cheap gas here in town and try to stay very competitive and try to be lower than anybody in town."

Hear the full Ambassadors' presentation by clicking below.

Cash Wise is currently teaming up with Youth 1st for a Pigskin and Pork ribfest fundraiser. Thursday and Friday, October 8-9 full racks of ribs and half-rack meal deals are raising money for the Youth 1st team awards program and the Owatonna Parks and Recreation Youth Scholarship Fund. That fund took a hit this year with the cancellation of the Corky's Softball Tournament.


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