Sometimes we hear stories about odd things being discovered during drug raids in a home. It could be animals, objects, or weapons. In a recent drug raid in the western Minnesota town of Dassel turned up something officers weren't expecting to see, a working cannon. 

According to the West Central Tribune, two individuals are currently in jail after the "CEE-VI Drug and Gang Task Force executed a narcotics search warrant Monday morning." The two were arrested after task force recovered "methamphetamine, suspected LSD, and marijuana" from a residence on the 17000 block of state Highway 15 South, near Dassel.

Also uncovered from the home were "numerous firearms, surveillance cameras" and, this is where it gets odd, "what appeared to be a functioning cannon". A CANNON!

Where would one get a cannon? I am thinking this has to be a homemade cannon as it would be hard to find and or buy a functioning cannon in today's environment.

Regardless I think we are all glad there isn't a functioning cannon in the hands of alleged drug dealers hands.

The Meeker County Sheriff's Office is still investigating the case.

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