Todd Sesker, Faribault Public Schools Superintendent told KDHL AM Minnesota listeners he has never been a fan of standardized tests.

The Minnesota Education Department would have to develop a plan for statewide testing of students this spring using the M-C-A's (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment), under a bill the Minnesota Senate passed today on a strong bipartisan vote.

Bill sponsor, Senator Roger Chamberlain R of Lino Lakes says the idea is to, "Find out where the kids are, and then we can work towards solving that problem and catching them up."  Chamberlain says educators have commented on a number of students falling behind due to the distance learning requirements at the end of last year and for much of this school year.

Sesker says, "Ever since they did the whole one star, two star, three star, four star schools and it doesn't do us well.  You know if you're a western suburban school district that has very litte free reduced or poverty then you're going to do better on your standardized tests."

Sesker continued, "If you have people who have access to tutors and mentors and things like that, that can also help with that piece, then that is a huge advantage.  To me it's just a way of showing realtors where they can build and where they can't build.  I've just never been in favor of the standardized tests."

The podcast of the program is available below.

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