It has been made official, there is now a law that says it is not illegal for children to do what my generation did, walk around town, play at the park, walk to school, without adult supervision. I am thinking that Utah is just the tip of the iceberg, I fully expect more states to follow and update their own laws to reflect this.

When I was growing up, I walked everywhere, and I knew it was time to come home when I saw the porch light, or the street lights, come on. As long as I told my parents where I was going, there was no problem.  I ran to the store, to the park, walked to school, all without direct adult supervision. I also knew who to talk to if I had a problem.

Now, in some places, people are calling the police department when they see children playing outside in their yards, or at the park, and they don't see an adult anywhere. This bill that was passed should alleviate some of those concerns, and like with every other activity, children should be judged on their maturity and development.

I am happy to see that this is happening, you know you are in a vibrant neighborhood when you hear and see children playing. Time for them to get outside and learn to entertain themselves, as well as the other social skills when dealing with other children.

Bec Parsons

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