I’ve always had trouble figuring out something to get my mom for Mother’s Day. I feel like Mother’s Day is meant for moms to relax (as much as possible at least!) and so my mind always goes to bath bombs, a new lotion, or a nice candle. The problem is, my mom cannot STAND anything that’s scented. Soooo there go all of my ideas! Hence the reason it’s been tough to pick out gifts for her. So I sat down and brainstormed a few gift ideas for mom that aren't a scented candle (or anything scented). If you’re struggling to pick out a gift for your mom, then this list is for you!

A New Book and Her Favorite Chocolate or Wine (or both!)

I actually did this last year! I found a popular book I knew she didn’t have, and something I thought she’d enjoy, and bought a bag of Dove dark chocolates for her to enjoy. HOURS of relaxation right there!


Who says time relaxing needs to be alone? Take your mom out to brunch on Mother’s Day. Have some mimosas, eat tons of pancakes! 

Take Her to Get Her Nails Done

Treat her to a pedicure, manicure, or both if you really want to get pampered! Then your toes and fingers will be all set for this amazing spring weather.

Go for a Walk on a Park Trail You’ve Never Been to (and Have a Picnic While You're at it!)

My mom loves to take walks! When I’m visiting we always take walks together. So why not do one of the things that she really enjoys, throw in a picnic, and you've got a great Mother's Day gift! Find a park trail you have never been to before, go for a walk with your mom, and find a nice spot along the trail to spot for lunch. If you have dogs, bring them along of course! 


Hopefully, these ideas at least got your creative juices flowing for some awesome, unique gift ideas for mom!

Happy Mother's Day!


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