I've always loved music. I don't remember a time where I wasn't listening to music in some capacity. Seeing as it's Throw Back Thursday, I thought I would show you all something very special to me.

I  don't remember the exact year that I recieved this, but I know it was as a gift, and I would guess that I was no older than 6 or 7 years old. This little radio named the Cool Cube is about 5 inches tall and went everywhere with me. In my younger years it accompanied me to the park, picnics, and to friend's homes. These days it spends most of it's time hanging out on a shelf, but still occasionally makes an appearance at the beach, because despite the fact that I have had this little am/fm radio for the great majority of my life and it has probably not been treated with proper care, it still works!

Was my attachment to the Cool Cube a sign of my future career in radio? Maybe. I do know that a quick google search revealed somone selling the exact same model on ebay for $100 dollars with it labeled as "Vintage" and "Retro". Would I sell mine? Not in a million years!

Photo: K Krage
Photo: K Krage

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