Rochester woman, Lan Thi Kim Do, had no idea who her father was until two months ago.

Lan was born in Vietnam and, at 10 years old, was abandoned by her mother. Lan then immigrated to the US where she practically started her life over again. Today, 50-year-old Lan owns D Nails, a nail salon in Rochester.

The only reason she found out about her dad is thanks to her friend Beka Berhanu, who convinced her to take an DNA test. The test results came back with the name of a man who served in Vietnam as a combat medic, and current Los Angeles resident, Wayne Brown.

Even after the results came back, Lan was a little hesitant to reach out, so her friend, Beka, did. Wayne said he wasn't sure how to take the news at first and took some time to process it all before responding. He already has four other children and, after getting the original message from Beka, consulted with one of his son's to get his opinion.

Wayne asked his sone "What do you think man?" and his son responded with "Well it's pretty interesting"!

Once he responded, Wayne and Lan texted and FaceTimed each other and then finally planned a day to meet in person.

So on Wednesday, Lan met her father for the first time at the Rochester International Airport! Lan also brought along three of her four grown children so they could meet their grandfather.

Watch their heartwarming meeting:


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