I woke up to a series of group texts Saturday morning between an old neighbor and my wife. Apparently late Friday night into early Saturday morning we had some unwanted visitors at the home we still own in Albert Lea.

Some backstory, we recently purchased a home in Montgomery and moved into the new house at the end of August. We are currently renovating our previous home to put on the market this spring.

As I was reading through the messages I got upset knowing that the local police were called and arrived at the house, but we weren't contacted at all about the suspicious behavior of multiple individuals "hanging out" in our backyard. I ended up calling the local dispatch center and stated that I was upset over the lack of "customer service" that was shown to myself and my wife. The dispatcher let me know that they would have someone call me back.

I stated my feelings to the responding officer and they claimed that since no crime had been committed they let the individual leave the area. How upsetting it was to learn that there was no crime had been committed! Weren't they trespassing? What if my neighbor hadn't heard them trip on our deck? Would we still have the items that were in the home?

We've now made sure that our address has our contact info on it in the database and a note that we should be contacted. But if it weren't for our alert neighbors I hate to think of what could have been done.

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