We have seen a lot of rain this summer and a lot of snow this winter, meaning many of our lakes and rivers are higher than normal. I never thought of this, but high waters mean fish are able to travel freely to the environment that they would normally not find themselves in.

According to Fox 47, the Minnesota Department of Nature Resouces (DNR) is concerned that invasive carp are making their way to waters they shouldn't be in. There are multiple species of invasive carp according to the DNR website. Some include Grass Carp, Bighead Carp, Silver Carp, and Black Carp. Fox 47 says that there have been several Silver Carp located up North, which is uncommon for this species. They are normally found in Southern Minnesota.

There isn't any concern yet, but DNR wants us to keep an eye out for these invasive species because they do more damage than good for our waters. They ask if you find an invasive carp, you take a picture of it for your records. They would also like you to bring it to the nearest DNR and fill out a report. This way they can get a jump on these species before they become a real problem. There isn't a huge concern yet, but if we don't keep on top of it, we could have issues in the future.

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