When I say his grass is always greener, I mean ALWAYS greener, even in the winter!

So how does he do it?!

Well, Minneapolis resident, Larry Lee, replaced his lawn with turf back in 2013 and his home has been kind of like a landmark ever since.

One of his neighbors says that she can tell people she lives by that one house with the turf and they know exactly what she's talking about!

But I have a lot of questions. Isn’t it uncomfortable?  Whenever I've been on turf there has always been stuff that sticks to my clothes; how does he prevent that? Doesn’t it look weird next to the other real lawns?

In an interview he did with the Star Tribune, my first two questions are sort of answered by the fact that, turns out, there is a company called Synthetic Turf Solutions of Minnesota who specializes in residential turf. This causes me to assume it doesn’t have the same junk that gets on my pants when I’m on football fields and would, hopefully, also be more comfortable.

As for if it looks funny, Lee actually had to get permission from his neighbor to put this turf in. This is because there needed to be a stone border put in between the two yards in order to help with the visual transition.

Lee told Star Tribune that there have been multiple people slowly drive by his home to check out the turf and some even get out to touch it! Lee has also spoken with some people who have stopped to admire his “lawn” and he says I’ve seen couples turn to one another and say something to the effect of, ‘We have to do something like this.’”

Read more about Lee’s war with his original lawn, which caused him to decided to go turf instead, on the Star Tribune site


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