No, these Casey's billboards weren't actually on fire-- but that's not what many Minnesotans thought when they first saw them.

Casey's General Stores sell pizza, right? (Their commercials even say they're famous for it-- and I can attest that they ARE really good) But it was their billboard along U.S. 10 near I-35 in the Mounds View just northeast of Minneapolis that's garnering some fame-- because people thought it was on fire.

According to this story, the billboard was equipped with a fog machine that would make it look like the giant Casey's pizza was steaming. (Which, I guess, shows how fresh and hot it is?) But, the story says, first responders in Mounds View have been fielding hundreds of calls from Twin Cities drivers who thought the billboard was smoldering. (You can see the billboard in question in the video towards the bottom of this page.)

It's not. It's just fog. But that hasn't stopped the billboard from becoming a headache for the Mounds View police and fire departments. The story notes that it's not quite as bad now that the weather is warming up (though even that's been iffy the past couple of days), but earlier this year when it was colder, the steam was more visible.

Which caused more calls from worried Minnesotans, all reporting that the billboard was on fire. The story said the billboard now sports a note saying the billboard isn't about to burst into flames and to not call 911.

I've not seen it in person, but I'm guessing the steamy billboard might have caught my attention, especially if I passed it regularly on way to and from work. But here's the big question: While people have been calling to report that the billboard was on fire, have they also called Casey's to order a pizza?

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